Animator-v-Norvegiihello from norway!!! well i love this country so far...really i do!! ive been in oslo for a few days and i found this city is cute and clean! with alot of cosy bars and the way its forbitten to smoke in you can find people standing near with bar and oslo there are alot of turists and masulman people...i was shoked...! norwegians.. they dont like it much you know...

so a bit about the family i live with and town i live in....this is very small and quiet village...and all these days no snow...just raining all the time...seems like im in england or sth you know..! so yes...luckly for me - im not working these days i mean its holidays so noone works!

ill start family is very young ...they are really nice poeple...they got twins and i love them both already and seems like they love me also (hope so!)....yes we have spoken about the hours and days i have to work so its like say 6 days per week with 5 hours per day but 2 days off...she wants me mostly to help with know alot of work coz there are 2 of them so...yes and some light cleanings and not much and not that bad :)

what is really annoing that i dont know anybody family promised me to find some corses in a nearest hope i would  meet some new people there over....!

the main problem is language! we celebrated new years eve in some house with some married couples - friends of them so noone spoke english!!!! i felt stupid sometimes...but it was kinda a punch for me to learn language as soon as possible!!

well they have very few traditional dishes....unfortunately they eat americans! pasta, pizza, hamburgers, china food,...well...i was disappointed a bit..but! they have some sweets which are really yamyyy!!!! i loved it!

so in my room i got laptop conacted with .bed :)....well eveything i might need....!

ok i guess its enough for this time! hope you liked my story about norway :)


Yulia X